Recommendations For A Protected Vehicle Exterior With Xpel Paint Protection Film

Recommendations For A Protected Vehicle Exterior With Xpel Paint Protection Film

Recommendations For A Protected Vehicle Exterior With Xpel Paint Protection Film

23 December 2020
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As soon as you drive your new vehicle off the dealership's lot, it will immediately be exposed to dirt, rocks, road grime and other particles and materials that can scratch and mar its pristine exterior paint condition. However, you can have an XPEL car paint protection film applied onto the exterior paint of your car to protect it from damage and keep it looking new. Here are some recommendations to keep your vehicle's exterior paint condition and interior surfaces in great condition with an XPEL protection film.

Install an Exterior Paint Protection

There are several options you can choose from when you decide to protect your vehicle's paint with XPEL car paint protection. First, you can choose the amount of vehicle protection for your car's exterior. There is an all-over protection application that will cover your vehicle's paint from the front to the back bumper. Or you can choose coverage on the very front of your vehicle and on the front surface of your side mirrors. This option is a good one to help you protect the areas of your car that will be exposed the greatest to damage from road debris. Or, you can select an option that provides coverage to the front half of your vehicle to match a mid-level budget.

You can also look at two different types of finish for the clear urethane film. Although the film protection is virtually invisible, you can opt for a glossy finish to help your car's exterior shine, or you can select a matte finish to match your vehicle's existing matte finish or to alter your vehicle's paint to a matte appearance.

Maintain the XPEL Protection 

Be sure you take care of your XPEL protection by allowing it to cure fully before you wash it. After a 48 hour period of time you will be able to wash your vehicle by hand, with a pressure washer, or even in an automatic wash. If you decide to wax it after washing your car, be sure the wax does not contain Naphtha or Kerosene in concentrations more than 5%, and also don't use any waxes that contain dyes. 

Keep your vehicle's paint protection clean by washing it every couple of weeks to help maintain the condition of the protection's surface and its water-resistant barrier that will help water bead up. With regular maintenance and following the recommended care for your new XPEL protection, your vehicle's paint will resist most scratches, staining, and dullness that can occur to your vehicle's clear coat paint finish.

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